Counter Strike: GO Domination


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a first person shooter game that makes you strive to do better every time you play.  The more you lose the more you want to win – it’s that kind of rush.  You want to get better, you want to advance – you want to get good at tactical play.  Because then, and only the, do you feel the intensity of your skill and how you can use it in live online game play.  If you try using cs go hacks only then do you feel you can dominate.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an objective based game where you progress as you meet each goal.  This iteration of the game contains new maps and locations, refreshing the atmosphere that was made popular when the first of the series was released in the early 2000s.  There are five modes of online game play and two offline modes:  Classic Casual, Competitive, Arms Race, Demolition, Death Match, Offline with Bots, and Weapons Course.  These interactive modes allow you to change the feel of the game and add new variables to the mix such as weapons purchasing and the implementation of rounds.

Since its release on August 21, 2012 Counter Strike:  Global Offensive has gotten positive reviews.  The game play never gets old and playing online with seasoned players and newbies alike gives you a sense of where you stand with your skills.

Do you have what it takes?  Find out with Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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Dark Nights of Unturned


Do you like game?  How about free games?  We thought so!

Nelson Sexton has made their new first person shooter game Unturned available on early access, which means it’s free! Check out the changes on a weekly basis and be one of the first people to enjoy this new game.

The premise: The world has been taken over by zombies. There are only a few of you who have remained unturned. You have to work together to survive. Many have started using unturned hacks to help battle the hoards of zombies.


Unturned represents survival of the fittest. Reminiscent of apocalypse movies and storylines, Unturned forces you to hide, hunt, and conquer to stay alive. Unturned adds a new element to first person survival games, changing the landscape and making you dig deep to survive.

You have to earn your tools in this game. You start with a bottle of juice and a candy bar. Your health and hunger bars are on the bottom of the scream, which allows you to gauge where you are in the game at all times. Zombies come at you from all angles. The unpredictable nature of the game keeps you on the edge of your seat. You have to get away but you have to be careful too – you can break bones in this game and doing so will inhibit your ability to run. Grab things and store them in your backpack to carry with you along the way. Get away. Survive.

Unturned challenge your will to survive. Build a base to protect yourself. Look for clothes and food. And above all, devise plans to defeat the zombies.

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Weapons and Armor in Rust


With Rust, since the game is still in development, there aren’t any video game reviews to tell you how to do certain things in the game. Efforts have been made to make things fairly easy, but much like Minecraft or similar games, you have to rely in wikis for some of the most important information.

Probably the most important of all is how you should use and make weapons and armor. These items are absolutely essential for your survival in Rust, especially since everyone else is doing the same as you; trying to survive at any cost.

Good Weapons


In current versions of the game, there are quite a few different weapons you can find, use, and/or craft in order to get an advantage over other people or wildlife in the game. Some of these weapons include things like a hatchet, pick axe, rock, stone hatchet, hand cannon, pipe shotgun, revolver, 9mm pistol, P250, hunting bow, rifles, and even explosives.

Each of these types of weapons have their own crafting recipe, and require different kinds of materials in order to craft successfully. Among the common materials for weapons are stones, wood, metal fragments, cloth, low quality metal, leather, and so on. These are all combined in different ways and different amounts to form some of the best weaponry in the game. Though using rust hacks makes your life in the game a whole lot easier with features like speedhack that help you gather materials much faster.

Making Armor


Of course, having powerful weapons mean nothing if a single shot from a bullet ends up killing you since you lack any kind of body protection. This is where armor can become extremely handy to create. There are a few different types of armor that you can find or craft, including cloth, Kevlar, leather, and radiation suits.

Each kind of armor boosts different portions of your stats at various amounts. Different dimensions of protection include bullets, melee, cold, explosions, and radiation.

Best Combinations


The overall best combo of weapon and armor heavily depends on the kind of environments that you plan to visit. For example, if you plan on staying around highly radioactive areas, it can be to your advantage to craft plenty of radioactive suits along with any kind of gun.

In other cases, you might want Kevlar for maximum protection along with things like rifles so that you can take out your opponents with greater ease, and still get back to your base in one piece.

The best combo is the one that works best for you. This can only be found out by actually playing the game and gaining actual experience.

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The Stanley Parable Review


A kind of game that’s somewhat uncommon is one that’s so self-referential and critical of both itself and other games, that it offers a really unique experience that must be played in order to be fully understood.

The Stanley Parable was borne from a fan-made Half-Life 2 mod that followed the exact same premise as this full game. It sets out to put up a mirror on modern video games, satirizing and criticizing common clichés as well as whether these games offer any real choice to the player, or simply the illusion of choice.

This makes it hard for video game reviews to approach and give a score since the game will mean very different things to different people. So what we’ll focus on is what the game tries to do (or not do).



The Stanley Parable is played from a first-person perspective. You play as Stanley, the silent player character trying to make sense of what’s happening (and sometimes failing to do so). Throughout the game, a narrator voice chimes in and employs clever, sarcastic, and/or self-referential dialogue in order to spice things up.

Honestly, the narrator is what makes this game absolutely shine. The level design, set pieces, and various events are all very entertaining and amusing as well, but without the narrator to tie everything together, The Stanley Parable would probably fall flat on its face.

In any case, the main theme through the game is the illusion of choice that video games tend to give you. As for how the game deals with this specifically, you’d have to play to find out. Fortunately, a demo version (with unique content) is available.

Graphics and Tech


Given that this game only sets out to make fun of and criticize itself and other video games, it doesn’t really need sophisticated art direction in order to achieve this. However, the art and assets it does have serve the game quite well, for what it sets out to do. Obviously you’re not going to find anything that will seriously stress your gaming hardware.



The Stanley Parable is something that must be experienced in order to be fully appreciated. That said, it still may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s meant to be a sharp, witty, and smart dialogue on what it means to be in a video game, but it’s understandable when not everyone wants this out of a game.

Still, it offers a fair bit of entertainment, as well as replay value since there are many, many ways that the game can “end”, even if you can technically never beat the game (which you’ll see as you play). It’s worth it trying to figure out how to get every possible outcome. Video game cheats may also exist, although they’d be useless for this game since the whole point is to experience everything.

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Shadow Warrior Review


Those of you who have played first person shooters in the 90’s may know about a classic, but less-popular title by the name of Shadow Warrior. Originally developed by 3D Realms, it was a game featuring a wise-cracking, stereotypically Asian protagonist, and offered a number of novelties and gimmicks on top of solid, if somewhat simple gunplay and swordplay.

Fast forward about 16 years, and you’ll find the new Shadow Warrior, a reboot/remake created by Flying Wild Hog, the same studio responsible for Hard Reset. The remake differs significantly from the original game, and changes or improves things for a modern audience, but it’s still a super-fun, Asian-inspired first-person game at heart, which is something that many other video game reviews are agreeing with.



Much like the 90’s version, the new Shadow Warrior concentrates on over-the-top shooter gameplay with ridiculous weapons that you wouldn’t imagine on a disciplined martial artist character. It’s all there, though, and better than ever.

Perhaps the biggest improvement over the original game is the sword mechanics. In the new version, the sword has been made powerful and versatile in a way that’s extremely fun to use on the enemies. They slice into pieces according to how/where you cut them, and you have some degree of control over how your sword swings.

In terms of video game cheats, they likely do exist here, but you might be disappointed if you try to use the ones form the original.

Graphics and Tech


In terms of looks, the new Shadow Warrior is certainly quite beautiful. It’s not something that pushes graphics hardware to the limits, but it doesn’t need to be with its competently-done art style and stylized aesthetic.

It’s similar to the original 90’s game, where things felt more stylized and cartoony rather than having any degree of realism. The remake follows along the same lines, except while making use of modern graphics hardware to offer something way beyond the original. Still, you can see with the new version that they wanted to ground the art in realism at least a little bit.

Other Thoughts


Even though the new Shadow Warrior follows along the same lines as the original in terms of having Asian-inspired over-the-top gameplay, the similarities pretty much end there. The new version is very much a different, but still extremely enjoyable game. Lo Wang as a character doesn’t quite have the same impact as in the original, but he is nonetheless still making jokes and wise-cracks. They just might be a little toned down compared to the obvious Asian stereotypes in the original. Whether this is out of political correctness or not is up for debate, but you will nonetheless have a great time with this game.

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