Weapons and Armor in Rust


With Rust, since the game is still in development, there aren’t any video game reviews to tell you how to do certain things in the game. Efforts have been made to make things fairly easy, but much like Minecraft or similar games, you have to rely in wikis for some of the most important information.

Probably the most important of all is how you should use and make weapons and armor. These items are absolutely essential for your survival in Rust, especially since everyone else is doing the same as you; trying to survive at any cost.

Good Weapons


In current versions of the game, there are quite a few different weapons you can find, use, and/or craft in order to get an advantage over other people or wildlife in the game. Some of these weapons include things like a hatchet, pick axe, rock, stone hatchet, hand cannon, pipe shotgun, revolver, 9mm pistol, P250, hunting bow, rifles, and even explosives.

Each of these types of weapons have their own crafting recipe, and require different kinds of materials in order to craft successfully. Among the common materials for weapons are stones, wood, metal fragments, cloth, low quality metal, leather, and so on. These are all combined in different ways and different amounts to form some of the best weaponry in the game. Though using rust hacks makes your life in the game a whole lot easier with features like speedhack that help you gather materials much faster.

Making Armor


Of course, having powerful weapons mean nothing if a single shot from a bullet ends up killing you since you lack any kind of body protection. This is where armor can become extremely handy to create. There are a few different types of armor that you can find or craft, including cloth, Kevlar, leather, and radiation suits.

Each kind of armor boosts different portions of your stats at various amounts. Different dimensions of protection include bullets, melee, cold, explosions, and radiation.

Best Combinations


The overall best combo of weapon and armor heavily depends on the kind of environments that you plan to visit. For example, if you plan on staying around highly radioactive areas, it can be to your advantage to craft plenty of radioactive suits along with any kind of gun.

In other cases, you might want Kevlar for maximum protection along with things like rifles so that you can take out your opponents with greater ease, and still get back to your base in one piece.

The best combo is the one that works best for you. This can only be found out by actually playing the game and gaining actual experience.


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